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What is Community controls ?

The big picture is that Home automation is the key to a richer integrated community life and a more sustainable planet. It is about connecting everything - people, devices and sensors all over the globe. At triolight we can enable the full potential of what we now call Smart Grid, Connected Home, Connected Community, Smart Home, Digital Life, etc.

The deluge of new technologies from Triolight opens an entirely new world of services, applications for the connected community. Things that were science fiction just a couple of years ago are available on your cell phone today. A good example is interacting with our garbage in ways we never imagined - soda cans telling you how they want to be disposed of - waste management companies updating you about your carbon footprint based on what you threw away yesterday.

Direct, real time information is the success factor for the community being environmentally responsible - direct awareness made possible by getting new sensors into our everyday lives. We need real time environmental information – real time feedback on how our immediate behaviours are affecting fresh water, air pollution and energy consumption. State of the art is real time. Real time updates and real time interaction regardless of where you are or how you interact. It requires a strong infrastructure. We need reliable, high speed, flexible networks and with the increasing demand on networks Triolight design capabilities have reached new heights.

Communities will step out from their walled-gardens to participate in this world being built through connected communities by Triolight.
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