Go Green Tips*
• Dedicate bins to different kinds of recyclable materials – blue for glass, red for aluminum cans, green for paper. Then, spread the word to family members and friends.

• Start a garden to grow your own vegetables and fruit – you’ll not only be more green, you’ll save green too.

• Turn off the lights when you leave the room to conserve energy.

• Before you toss something in the trash, consider how you might be able to reuse it. For example, an empty tissue box becomes a great plastic bag dispenser and old sheets can be used as drop cloths for painting or blankets for the beach.

• Recycle organic waste by creating a compost pile. It will not only reduce landfill waste, it also produces (free!) nutrient-rich soil for gardens.

• Celebrate trees by saving them. Think twice before you hit print. And, when you must print, recycle the paper instead of trashing it.

• Unplug non-critical electrical items (such as hairdryers and power chargers) when they’re not in use. It’s a simple way to reduce energy consumption and energy bills.

• Recycle electronics such as computers and DVD players. “eCycling” reduces pollution from hazardous elements inside electronics and recycles natural resources such as copper and gold.

• When cleaning, forego paper towel and other disposable materials for washable, reusable materials – even consider reusing old t-shirts as rags.

• Transport and store food in reusable containers to reduce packaging waste.

• Instead of paper invites and cards, choose emails, evites and ecards, and consider opting in for electronic statements and online bill pay.

• Turn today’s news into tomorrow’s treasure by recycling newspapers. Or collect and donate newspapers to other organizations that can use them, such as the local animal shelter (which lines animals’ cages with paper).

• Use electronic storage instead of paper files to save paper and space.

• Spend the afternoon picking up litter in your community.

• The next time you go to the store, bring a cloth shopping bag.

• Collect gently used and unwanted toys and games to donate to a children’s charity for others to enjoy.

• Open the blinds instead of turning on a lamp to reduce energy consumption.

• It is important that we preserve what we can, because a culture without its natural resources will eventually die out.

• Take advantage of the sun by exploring ways you can use solar energy to power electronics.

• Shut down computers when they’re not in use to conserve energy.

• When you brush your teeth, turn off the water to reduce water waste.

• Print pages double-sided to reduce paper usage.

• Replace light bulbs with energy efficient bulbs to conserve energy and save money on energy bills.

• Show your appreciation for trees by planting one.

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