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What is hospitality control?

It only takes one check-out to realize why a smart hotel is a smart idea: Imagine a room in unoccupied status the moment your guest departs—automatically, the heating/cooling system powers down, the TV, lights and appliances follow. Now picture your Operations having the ability to manage, configure and update details remotely, from any Internet connection. And guests using one remote to control drapes, lights, temperature, TV, music, schedule wake-up calls, request valet, and more.

At Triolight, we have the ideal standards-based, automation and energy management solutions for the hospitality industry. Flexible solutions that automatically impact your bottom-line and give you a priceless edge by redefining the guestroom experience.

So, the question isn't "How can we afford to do this?" Rather it's "Can we really afford not to?“. Give the guest a Welcome that will stay in his heart !
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